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Avoid the Scammers

Toronto Locksmith Honest

Avoid The Scammers, Choose Timpson Locksmith Instead

If you need a locksmith you usually need one quick. Leaving most people vulnerable. Unless you have a locksmith already it can be daunting finding one. Timpson Locksmith is a professional locksmith with years of experience. We are members of SAVTA which is the Safe and Vault Technicians Association. There is an ongoing issue with so called locksmiths quoting people unrealistic prices at $15-$45 without even looking at the lock. The problem is if you listen carefully there is a "and up' added to the price or "starting from" at the beginning. Basically they avoid giving you a price with these words. When we give a quote we like to give a max cost by asking for pictures and information on the issue. Don't be fooled by the low prices some will say, they are just saying what you want to hear so you choose them. We are telling you honestly what you can expect when we price a job. If you want a no surprise quote with professional service contact us today or save our number for later.

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