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Accessibility Toronto Locksmith

If you have challenges with traffic in your storefront or you need more accessibility in your store or home Timpson locksmith can help. We are equipped to make your property more accessible for you and those in mobility devices, all while maintaining the level of security or even increasing the level of security on your property.  With a wide range of devices we can make opening and closing doors hands free and automatic. We can also secure this process so only those with credentials or a key can have access. Making this even easier we can install RFID readers so all it takes is a swipe of a card to access a building and open the door.

Opening or Closing should be easy.

Doors should be easy to open to those who have access. If it's manual the door should open very easily with little strength needed to open the door. An automatic door may be a little stiffer to open manually but a press of a button or swipe of key fob or card should provide easy access to those who are authorized. The door should close without any extra actions and should do so in a slow controlled manner, even under high wind conditions. Our prices may not be the cheapest but that's because we use quality hardware that won't fail under high traffic or high wear conditions.

Access Control & Automated Opening

You want certain individuals that need quick access to your property to have permission. You want the security of knowing those without access will have a very difficult time trying to gain entry then you need Timpson Locksmith. Our Technicians will guide you through your options and let you know what you will need to achieve your security needs. We can also make changes depending on your budget to allow for the best of both worlds.

If you would like to have a door that opens with motion, keypad, key, biometric, fob, access card or even facial recognition we can help. We stay on top of the latest technology to make sure we are able to provide you with the best service and products. Automatic openers are great for those in wheelchairs or mobility devices. Allowing them to enter the premise with minimal effort and minimal contact  which can sometimes be a problem with devices making contact with the frame or door itself. Contact Timpson Locksmith today for a free estimate on your locksmith project.