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Safe Opening - Timpson Locksmith

If you are looking to have your safe opened or serviced Timpson Locksmith can help! Timpson Locksmith offers all safe services including combination changes and safe opening.

We offer Safe Opening services, we open locked safes and repair locks that are acting up. We are able to open most Digital Safes Non Destructively. Which means you save money from repairs. This is a service very few locksmiths are offering as most will drill the lock to defeat it. We can even troubleshoot locks that are on it's last few openings.

Combination Changes - Timpson Locksmith

If you have a safe you will probably need to change the combination at some point. If you are using your safe in a residential setting you may not need to change it very often, but it still can be a good idea. For example if you have a cleaner, home sitter or dog walker with access to your home they could be trying codes and eliminating possibilities.  By changing your code often you reduce the possibility of this working by astronomically. Also while a combination change is being performed we can do a visual inspection to see if anything is likely to fail in the future. Change your combination and keep your property safe.

Safe Service - Timpson Locksmith

Timpson Locksmith can help with any safe or vault issue you are having. If your safe is not opening every-time reliably these may be the warning signs of a faulty mechanism.  Take this opportunity to have a professional safe technician locksmith look at it and recommend the repairs needed to bring the safe back up to standards where you can rely on it.

Timpson Locksmith can help make sure the door swings correctly. The locks are working flawlessly and that the boltwork is not going to cause future issues.  Before attempting to service your safe please consider having a professional do it as something simple like the wrong lubrication can lead to a lockout. Timpson Locksmith has been trained in Safe Servicing and Safe opening and continues their education in the field to keep up with the ever updating technology.