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Safe Sales - Timpson Locksmith

We offer a wide range of safes, we can sell new and used safes including deposit safes, fire safes, gun safes, narcotic safes and more.



Drop Safes - Deposit Safes

We offer Drop safes otherwise known as deposit safes, which are security based safes that allow for the deposits of cash/coin or paperwork without giving the combination to low level employees. This safe is good for a business who has a high cash flow but needs to secure it quickly before a pickup can be made. Conveience stores, gas stations, and cell phone stores make use of these safes quite often.



Fire/Flood Safes

We offer many safes that offer Fire or Flood protection, we even have some safes that protect against both. If you need a safe that can withstand harsh conditions and keep your valuables safe, then you need to give us a call. Timpson Locksmith is your source for Toronto Safes

Safe Service - Timpson Locksmith

Once you buy the safe it doesn't end there, We offer delivery, warranty and service on the products we sell. All of our safes comes with a 1 year warranty on the lock. Some of our Manufacturers carry Lifetime Warranties against fire and even theft. We can service your safe and make sure it's working perfect before you even get it. We can also maintain the lock every year for a reduced fee to keep your warranty ongoing.